How to Adjust grub to get Ultimate Edition 2.0 to load

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How to Adjust grub to get Ultimate Edition 2.0 to load

Postby grewolf » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:57 am

I have 4 hdd's. First is Ubuntu Ibex on sata, Second is XP on sata, Third is Broken Gutsy on ide, Fourth is Ultimate Edition 2.0 on ide. I think the drive I have Ultimate Edition on is set to slave. I tried to point to the slave to boot first in my bios but that is not working. I was wondering if I could change grub to point to Ultimate Edition to get it to load
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Re: How to Adjust grub to get Ultimate Edition 2.0 to load

Postby LeadFingers » Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:50 am

If I'm understanding you correctly, You want to have grub load 2.0 by default.

Once again TheeMahn has made the difficult simple, by creating a little app called StartUp-Manager.
You'll find it in System/Administration/StartUp-Manager.
Once you open it and give your root password,
Select the Boot Options tab,
under Default operating system, select the kernel you want to boot by default.
Next time you boot, that kernel should load by default.
(you still have the option of selecting which OS to load, from the grub menu)

If you want to change the theme or colors for grub,
Select the Apperance tab
and change the settings on that page.

If you want to password protect grub,
Select the Security tab
and select the options you want.
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