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Edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ultamatix.sources.list
Remove # deb karmic all #Ultimate Edition Repository
Insert # deb karmic all #Ultamatix Repository

Release name Version DISTRONAME
Ultimate Edition 2.6 lucid
Ultimate Edition 2.5 karmic
Ultimate Edition 2.4 karmic
Ultimate Edition 2.3 jaunty
Ultimate Edition 2.2 jaunty
Ultimate Edition 2.1 intrepid
Ultimate Edition 2.0 intrepid
Ubuntu 10.04 lucid
Ubuntu 9.10 karmic
Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty
Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid
Ubuntu 8.04 hardy
Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy
Ubuntu 7.04 edgy


deb DISTRONAME all#Ultimate Edition Repository

Replacing DISTRONAME with your distro based on the table above.

For example using Ultimate Edition 2.5 would be:

deb karmic all#Ultimate Edition Repository

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