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Postby ryanvade » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:42 pm

TheeMahn wrote:Oh, determination of what they will do scews what has been done & why you as a mod do not have Ultimate Edition 3.6. Does it exist certainly, damn Ultimate Edition 3.8 exists, solely on my PC.

I do not want to drown this out by my sorrow, but many a thing has changed. It has zero to do with you as a mod, understand things are about to see a change. Catch this I will lead that change. Cannocial, where do you think they will be? This bothers me. They have what 1,000 devs? One guy is about to stroke them out.

I guess over the last 30 years as a progammer I have learned a few things. One humans make mistakes. I am right here to fix them (software I am writing). I can grant you my tour in Linux is over 10 years, O/S architect for christs sake. While that may seem massive is miniscule. Microsoft does not have a future, please excuse me for saying that unknowing windows users.

Let's break down #2
The software I have written, unavailible to you currently. I do want you to understand has been written. http://repostorm.com/ I want you to further understand please read the pdf & investigate the --service portion. It is not only going to destroy Ultimate Edition, but all Linux based O/S's & M$ to boot.

Want a #3?
Do NOT Think for one second I do not have a #3 for you. Currently, I am not allowed to share that information with you. Makes you wonder who I answer to.

Um. Did I hit a nerve TheeMahn???

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