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How to make a deb (USplash / GDM WIP)...

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:34 pm
by TheeMahn
This was originally posted in the admin section I will have to update this post

This is very old... alot of work will be involved, first striping ultamatix code, if you want to wait a few days I will make that happen, glade (GUI will have to be adjusted), this is still faster then starting from scratch. use the os popopen statement to execute the bash code, I will provide newer as well, but does not work, this is when I started to adjust the home folder layout, if it seems too much for you I do understand, the Python resin portion will not have to be adjusted, just the "main code", if you have any questions please advise.

This is going to look like ultamatix and will for now, I can rewrite it all code to be conserned with ...
/usr/share/tum/ for the most part to strip categories / set steps usr/etc/tum/ax_data/

To view it as source how to (any deb as a matter of fact, the lang used varies btw):







Allow me to save you the first 7 steps...
theemahns-usplash-maker-1.0.0_all.tar.gz<<- this is not going to happen redteams hands now
Some are compiled in example C and requires the "source", minus reverse engineering them with a decompiler & knowledge of ASM. The same can be accomplished using a tar provided structure & control file is there, please read on.
Building a deb (I am skipping the programming section ;):
Why DEBIAN it is the directory it looks for for the "control" file contents of the control file:
Code: Select all
Package: theemahns-usplash-maker
Priority: optional
Section: utils
Architecture: all
Replaces: theemahns-usplash-maker
Version: 1.0.0-1_harty_all
Maintainer: TheeMahn <>
Installed-Size: 1016
Description: Graphical Usplash Creator (Tum)
 TheeMahn's USplash maker is a graphical interface for automating the creation of USplash libraries. 

changing it to as an example to Version 1.0.0-2 version would have to be changed to 1.0.0-2_harty_all and rename the "root folder" to theemahns-usplash-maker-1.0.0-2_all
goto the desktop as shown in this example:
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cd ~/Desktop/
sudo dpkg --build theemahns-usplash-maker-1.0.0-2_all

See what you have done now everyone here knows how to build a deb ;)

all the above has since been fixed, now you fellas get to see what happens "behind" the scenes ;)

When I turned the project over to redteam:
firing it up

about splash

will do both usplash as well as gdm once completed.

Now all in redtems hands, I have written "primary code" he will have to adjust it, it is all in his hands now... How does it feel to have the weight of the world on your shoulders ;) I have no doubt he will "make it happen", he is a good, no strike that great programmer.

Kudos redteam,