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Re: Ultimate Edition 2.3 compatibility with my custom-build?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:58 pm
by Formido
pam wrote:I have never personally used a DVB-S card.
But here are some Pci cards:
and Pcie:

Further docs and info on dvbs under linux:

Most devices will be built from a few common set of controllers. If you have physical access to the device and if its an open box, you can check the controller version/model and see whether it has linux search.

I have only used TV-tuner cards. Sometimes it takes almost six months for a working stable windows driver/software. For linux it was all plugnplay....way back in 2007.

Thanks for the reply. I've been going through the first link you gave for awhile now, and have yet to find any DVB-S cards they list that are actually available to buy, and I've become very skillful at tracking down legacy components! The DVB-S2 stuff I'm not too keen on...might look into it as last resort. I'll check into the third link, as I've not seen this site before.