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UE4.3x64 KDE Desktop question...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:37 am
by TexasMike
When originally installed, this version of Ultimate Edition had a window on the desktop that showed the content of my home directory. I inadvertently closed that window, and cannot seem to find how to restart it. It is a window that is located (on my Home System, at least) on the desktop screen and positioned in the upper left hand area of the screen.
I am using the KDE desktop, using the "Default Desktop" Layout with the Wallpaper set to "Slideshow".
Any ideas on how to restore that "window"? Kde is a bit more convoluted than some of the other DEs and my lack of familiarity with the KDE environment is pretty profound!
BTW: Do you know where the animated "Smilies"used here can be found and used with other apps? Maybe just the name of this collection...? The ones used here are superb! :th_yes_4