Using gifs as wallpapers?

Using gifs as wallpapers?

Postby UsmanMKhan » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:40 pm

So, I'm running windows right now on my main machine and I want to switch to ultimate edition. But, one of the things I like about windows is a little program I have that allows me to use a gif as my wallpaper. That and rainmeter. Is there some way to use gifs as my wallpaper? I tried before and all the solutions I found weren't as good as I wanted. I'm pretty inexperienced in linux but I'm not new to terminal commands and i've installed packages and configured them through the terminal, so I can try most things. I could probably figure out how to use rainmeter too through WINE since i've done it before, so my main concern is using a gif as my wallpaper.

Any info would be awesome :D
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