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We'll probably be here in 10 months

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We'll probably be here in 10 months

Postby nanguo » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:16 am

GWS forward Cameron McCarthy heads back to Perth to deal with 'personal issues'

Sounding pessimistic about the talented marking forward returning to the club in the short term, coach Leon Cameron said: "If he can come back and play this year it will cheap jordan shoes be magnificent for us."

The move comes only months after McCarthy's bid to be traded to Fremantle for a long term offer was rejected by the cheap mlb jerseys Giants.

His homesickness for Perth and his friends was evidently not helped by the holiday he had there in the Christmas break.

He has now moved out of the apartment he shares with another player and has headed home.

McCarthy had been struggling with an injury in the pre season and not joined in full training.

Cameron said McCarthy had battled to deal with the all encompassing and taxing nature of the game in recent months.

He is known to have found not only the constancy of training difficult but that was compounded by the desire to be back home and to go out with his mates.

"It's a good time [for Cam]to take some time away and understand how hard AFL football is," Cameron said.

"This is a brutal game and at times Cam has struggled with that over the past few months [but]the most important thing is Cam's well being, we need to get him right. If he can come back and play this year it will be magnificent for us."

His manager Colin Young warned last year when the Giants refused to trade him that his client would be back again nextyear wanting to be traded.

"We'll probably be here in 10 months time doing the same thing and seeing if we can get him home again," Young told Trade Radio at the time.

"He certainly wants to finish his career in Western Australia. He wants to play football in Western Australia and be close to his family.

"I have no doubt that we'll be back here in 12 months time and going again They feel that they can [convince him to stay], but Cam has had a chat to the club and the coach and is saying he's going to finish his career in Western Australia.

"It's not so much playing football with GWS, it's more so living in Western Australia and cheap nhl jerseys being close to his family and friends.

"There's no doubt he won't be playing with GWS when his contract is finished."

Giants chief executive Dave Matthews said the club had made a series of ray-ban sunglasses outlet changes and allowances to better accommodate McCarthy since the trade did not go through but these had not alleviated the issues.
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